Monday, December 20, 2010

tiny dick sissy cuckold humiliation, my clitty doesn't measure up. no wonder wife needs more.

Since becoming a cuckold 2 years ago I have learned and experienced first hand what I always suspected. Two things; #1. I have a small dick and #2. size does matter. Nearly every other man that my cuckoldress slut wife has had sex with since we got into the lifestyle have been much larger than me. We're talking both length and girth. I have seen some enormous cocks sliding in and out of my wife's holes and have seen how much she loves it. Now that we are taking a break we hardly ever have intercourse, she seems to have lost interest and I expect that my days of satisfying her by penetration are long gone. Hopefully we can soon get back into the scene, I know she's ready for a big bbc, it's been about six months and she definitely deserves it. In the meantime I continue developing my sissy side. I know when we get back in the game this small dick sissy plans to be on her knees fluffing cocks for my wife besides what does a sissy bitch need with a big clitty anyway.
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  1. My god, bitch, you didn't actually try fucking a woman with that tiny little thing, did you? It looks like it belongs to a 10-year old, but what the hell -- you're a sissy faggot like me, so you don't really need a cock, now do you . . . I mean, a cock of your own. I know you need cock -- big hard makes your mouth water hard cock.

  2. your right sister, it's pretty small even when hard. and YES I am a trashy sissy slut who needs cock and cum!

  3. the smaller the better i always say.

    i love sucking cock and i'd rather get it out of a pretty perfumed thong any day.

  4. I agree sister besides why does a sissy slut need a cock anyway when she has a willing mouth and tight pussy.

  5. I have a small one
    Really love yours too