Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Forced feminization of a sissy cuckold husband the kinky video series.

We shot episode 2 today and Mistress suggested that I post the detials from the first video here on this blog. New pics from episode 2 are coming soon. The series is called; My sissy husband and here is some info from episode 1. Themes; forced feminization, cuckolding, female domination, orgasm denial milking.

My husband is a sissy, a cuckold sissy to be exact. He likes it when I cuck him and I get off so much better when I'm fucking one of my well hung bulls. So I've decided to make him my full time sissy cuckold and rule number one is no more sex with me at all. Since he is now a sissy husband under my complete control he must start dressing and acting like the true sissy slut he is. From now on it's nothing but sexy panties, hose and stockings. No more cumming from his little sissy dick unless it's under MY supervision. For now I will allow him a release by massaging and milking his prostate on occasion. Watch as I manipulate his sissy pussy hole, gently massaging his prostate, his sissy clit gets so hard and starts leaking fluid, I know he's such a sissy slut! Hope he enjoys his new role in my life, stick around as his sissification training continues in future clips.

Check out the video here.

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